Fashion Complaints; Today’s Youth

I’m beginning to get more infrequent with these blogs! My bad… I’m tired, so don’t judge me!

So… I would like to address serious matter that involves this youths taste in clothes.

In my opinion, the “in” fashion is so ugly, over the top and in most if not all of the ladies cases, you look like a bunch of streetwalkers, if you get what I’m saying…


But let’s start with the fellas. 
Fellas, why do you ALL think that rolling up your jeans then pulling up your socks is okay? WHY? It is honestly THE dumbest shit I have ever seen, and I’ve seen some stupid sh*t. I mean are you guys ballerinas all of a sudden, with your socks pulled up to your ball sacks… I don’t understand it… and why wear full length jeans and the roll them up to your knees? If you don’t want to show us your skin, then roll the f*ckers down, don’t use your socks to cover up, I’m sure you are wearing nice socks but I’m just letting you know, as a good friend, that you look stupid as hell. Really.
And then what is with the over-sized, tye-dyed, ugly ass shirts that you wear guys? I mean come on… Really? I can’t even.

Oh and if you can’t afford the fancy show off socks, don’t try and use them fuzzy airplane socks, we see them, people aren’t stupid, you looks cheap as hell, and like you’ve given up on EVERYTHING. Just go to Primark… Fools.

Patterned-Socks-and-Rolled-Up-Jeans wpid-C360_2012-09-18-18-37-00

The ladies. Some of you females need to get some jean “shorts” longer than you genitals… I hate those “shorts” that show off half your booty cheek, like if I wanted to see that, I would just tell you to walk around butt ass nekked. And if it is necessary, DO NOT wear a bandeau top with those jean panties because then it just looks like you buy your underwear from a Lady Gaga outlet or something and you are just looking a hot ass mess. I don’t mind shorts, I would just prefer if they were longer than your asshole, is all.


OKAY. This last fashion complaint is for EVERYONE.

Oh my goodness people, it’s not “hipster” if you are all wearing the same damn shit, like really? Fix yourself.
First of all, they are ugly and the only reason most of you have them is because they are Nike, you think they are unique and no one else has them… Well look again you blind motherfucker, every “hipster” fruitcake has a pair of these… THINGS.
I mean hipster is so popular, it’s just not hipster anymore. 
Those shoes are such a turn off, everytime I see them pair with stupid ass socks or a pair of jean underwear, I just want to kill you. I am sure you are all lovely people but the dumb shit some of you wear makes me want you damaged… just a little bit, only so you learn your lesson about dressing like a homeless person.

That’s my rant over. 


Fashion Kisses xox.

Good Jeans & Painful Thighs


What’s up Wednesday!

So, if you are like me and certain parts are bigger than other peoples in the nether region ( that’s booty territory), you are always looking for THE perfect pair of jeans. and although I have not found them, I think I am pretty close!
Jeans are just never the right size whether you have a big butt or not; the ankles are too tight and the waist is too big, the waist is WAY too tight, they give you serious camel toe, they aren’t a nice material, they make you look like a sausage… and the list continues!

But today I found something pretty close to perfect, these beauties are from the ASOS sale, Jeans collection.
I bought them about 2 weeks ago, and they came in this morning, I tried them on and I was very very pleased! I was a little bit skeptical, as skinny jeans and my butt are not the best of friends, but I was really happy with what they looked like! so happy I would show you a naughty picture!

 booty jeans

(Its an old picture, exactly the same jeans though xD)

I mean they are tight here and there but I love them, they make me look slim too :)
Oh and the top I am wearing is from Primark
The Shoes are from New Look
The hat from H&M
and Earrings from Next 

But, I advise you ladies, tight jeans and cycling? I have decided is a no no, and then throw in some nice hills? Well… you asking for a thigh burning, trust me I know! I think I pretty much covered most of Southampton, and good lord, I did not realize how many hills Southampton had! My thighs are going to ache in the morning!
But hey, good bye cellulite!

So I leave you lovely people and I will go forth to converse with my favorite guy… But you don’t need to know who that is ;)

Stay Pretty, I’ll still be P.H.A.T when you come back and have a fabulous evening and a fabulous morning too! 

Kisses xox

Circus Surprises | My New Best Friend!

Tuesday the 20th of August, and Life is starting to look a little more interesting!

So, today I was woken up at about 10:30 am, by father dearest, and he insisted that my brother and I showered and got ready as quick as we could, so we indeed tried our best, the only thing slowing us down was the major confusion as to where we were going and why?

So we were ready to go to this mystery place, and my Dad finally spills the hypothetical beans and reveals that his plans were to take us to Durdle Door.
For those of you who do not know what or where Durdle Door is, it is  is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in DorsetEngland.


But unfortunately for my Dad, my brother and I have have both already been there on school trips, so that plan failed!
So he had a little think and decided that we would take a ferry out to the Isle of Wight, and what a great idea that was! We had an awesome walk around, then a nice pretty drive, I have never seen such a clean place! It was beautiful.

We saw that the Jay Miller Circus was in town, so we said “why not”, right?
It was so amazing I have never seen so many people, all so uncomfortably flexible all in one time and so close up!


But I have to tell you, I made an amazing new friend today, he was kind, and sweet and so cool, literally everyone loves him!
But he chose to sit next to me for the whole circus experience. <3
He is super famous, has his own movies and is great with kids, so smart too. The list could go on, really! I am so glad that I met him today… He has changed my life, and we will definitely be the bestest of friends.
So I present to you, my new best friend;

8886664707_db39f6e172_zSpiderMan and Me


So, now that I have made you all jealous with my bestie, I can leave this post to rest!

I am lying in bed, absolutely exhausted from the day, contemplating new hair dos and cuddling Mr. Biggy my life size teddy bear.

Stay pretty, I’ll still be P.H.A.T when you come back and have a fabulous Tuesday night and a fabulous Wednesday Morning!

Kisses xox.

Smooth Skin | Make Up | Extensions



Today, as I was walking through the town center, a group of women cam up to me and asked me how I keep my skin so smooth.
For years now, I have been stroked, poked and groped, and the question that comes up all the time is: “Why is your skin so smooth?”

Well today I will let you know…

I find when it comes to moisturizing, I am a GODDESS, you will never find me without hand lotion or or SOMETHING to moisturize my skin with. Its almost a religion. Seriously.
But that is the thing, girls with darker or tanned skin need to moisturize because when our skin is dry we look dry than hell in the summer… Can I get an AMEN? 

But anyhow, my secret to smooth skin is COCOA BUTTER + COCOA LOTION. Trust. It makes my skin smooth like Chocolate Rain
*what up YouTube reference* ;)


Now, Ladies. This is all I will say on make up…


If you wear too much obviously all that skin under can’t breath so you are gonna get all pimpled up.
And that shit isn’t cute.


Honestly, people walking around looking stupid like… Really girl? Really?!

1-ton-ka-makeup-to-kia-ho-ga-is-ne-hahahah ya nasties…

BUT on the bright side I got myself some extensions! I’m tired of my natural hair now, I’m in the hairstyle choosing process, so I’m going to put a few pictures of styles I like, comment which one you like ;) I might choose your hairstyle  choice ;)

How-to-style-box-Braids-BellaNaija-May2013-400x600 05152013_Extensions_Senegalese-Twist_Turban twists-hairstyles-6

Fashion Kisses xox.

Rainy Days| Good Read & Shopping

Saturday the 17th of August… What I call the “Birthday Aftermath”

After your Birthday, some of you would expect to experience, pure joy out of everyone still hyping about your one step closer to wrinkles and saggy body parts. But for me? No.
I was woken up at an unpleasant hour – so unpleasant I don’t want to talk about it, I might cry – I then proceeded to the cleaning cupboards and was made to clean the families entire living space as I am the only girl in the house at the moment. Oh the pains of being born with female genitalia. 

After that wonderfully horrid 3/4 hours of scrubbing and wiping and cooking and washing, I finally got a chance to relax so I decided to channel my inner graphic designer or whatever you call it, and create a logo for my blog, I have to say people… my Paint skills are on point! I mean it looks a little fuzzy, but I tried!

As well as being the tech nerd that I’m not, a chance to enjoy the birthday presents I realize I never got from the rest of my family, so that was great! So, I did treat myself to some vintage gaming, on the good old GameBoy Color, aaah such wonder pleasures from my childhood, but I tire quickly.

I did go down to the library and pick up this stunning read, by the author James Patterson called Sam’s Letters to Jennifer. A beautiful romance which is quite rare in the James Patterson collection, most of his books are thrillers, which I love. I highly recommend all his books though really.

I also did a naughty bit of online shopping, I couldn’t resist!

James Patterson: Sam’s Letters to Jennifer

My Cheeky Online Haul

watchprincess tear dropSB_C0K9_430image1xl


Pantherine Watch & Teardrop Ring :

So all in all a pretty average if not boring day… with the UK’s retarded summer weather.


Kisses xox.